Pregnancy is Beautiful

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Pregnancy is a beauty thing! I think that pregnant women are some of the most beautiful women I ever see. I recently had the privilege of having a session with this mom (and soon to be new mom) and her family. It was an absolute joy to do.

I think that pregnant women absolutely glow. They radiate love and joy, even amidst all the not so pleasant parts of pregnancy. 

It is such a blessing for God to grant you such an amazing gift. Becoming and being a mom are the hardest but most rewarding things a woman can do. And it is awesome to be able to capture this time in your life and save it to be cherished.

I wish I could have had images like this back when I was pregnant. All I have are a few (not so flattering) snapshots of a big ‘ol belly. Sad, sad times, only 16 and 12 years ago. My, how times and abilities have changed.

In todays digital age we are able to capture life as we live it, on a daily basis. But to have professional images like these……..priceless!