Pumpkin Patch Pretty

I absolutely LOVE color! As a child, when asked my favorite color I would say ‘rainbow’. I love them all. I think fall is one of the best times of year to photograph a wide variety of color. And what better to choose as a subject for such a colorful backdrop than a precious little girl?

Baby photography

 A nice colorful outfit and bow really set off what I think is a gorgeous image. Who could resist that precious little face? There is so much personality hidden in those eyes.

Baby photography

 We had a great time taking these pictures. These were taken at Neumier’s Nursery. They are a local nursery located on the North side of Fort Smith, Arkansas. The nursery itself is located in the yard area of the business owners, it is an awesome and quaint home town business.  They have multiple photo opportunities set up on their property, free of charge to anyone wanting a great fall backdrop.

 Here at Picture Perfect Photography our passion is capturing beautiful images of women. No matter the age, shape or color. We love making women look and feel fabulous. This little one may not actually ‘feel’ how she looks but her parents do and she is simply beautiful. And these will be images they treasure forever.

baby photography

Now, it wouldn’t due to have a collection of fall baby images without a little Halloween witch in the mix. This is fall at it’s best……and I love it!!

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