Simple Inspiration


Beauty in movement

When I was a girl I was a tomboy. I loved to run, climb, jump and more than anything, ride my horse. I loved to play and have fun doing simple things. I think there is an inherent beauty in the simple things and simple motions and to be able to capture an interesting photo with simple things can be beautiful.

I love trying different types of movement to see what I can get in an image. In each portrait session we do at Picture Perfect Photography I try to do something to capture some kind of motion. It doesn’t always work out but sometimes it is the best image of the session. They are usually very appealing to the eye.

I love the photograph shown above! I look at it and I feel so many different things. I imagine what she is thinking as she turns and turns. I think about what it was like when I was a child and did this very same thing. I think of the simplicity of the motion and of how ANYONE can do it, no matter the age.

You can find inspiration there, in the simplest of actions.  I think ‘simple’ things can bring about some of the best inspiration a person can have. In our society we have done away with simple. Everything we do has become more involved and technical. Even though many things have made life easier there is nothing simple about them. Things may happen with the push of a button but there was nothing simple about making that possible.

I miss simple. I love a simple country atmosphere, looking at bugs and dust in sunrays, there is beauty there if you open your eyes and see it. I love the emotion and joy that can come from simple smells, like fresh mown grass or the start of rain on a hot summer day. Beauty in the ‘simple’ things can inspire any number of things in a person.

We all need to take a little time to enjoy the simple things. Spinning in circles, smelling flowers and watching it rain. Things like this clear the mind and heal the soul and leave you completely open and vulnerable to simple inspiration.


Simple Beauty