You have to take a break!

As I sit trying to decide my next blogging topic I’m interrupted several times with different questions and conversations about the upcoming trip I am taking to Florida with my 2 daughters and my mom. As I answer the various questions and get a little irritated with the interruption I think, ‘I need this break!’.

We live our lives so wrapped up in the day to day living. Going here, taking one kid there, checking on the details of another’s evening, working, making dinner, cleaning and (as in my case) working on the continuing start up of a business (I am determined to make succeed). In the midst of all of that we have to take some time away and get a break.

In all actuality, I can not wait to take this trip. I just love going places and experiencing the new and different things we find, with my family. The memories that are made will last our entire lives. A break from the usual and all that it contains, is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. A moment like this is worth so much more than almost any other gift you can give.

We are going to the beach for 2 days then heading to Universal Studios in Orlando. I am taking my mom, who like me, is slightly obsessed with anything Harry Potter. I can not wait to see her face as she takes it all in. Being there, with her and my kids, will be so very, totally awesome! The crazy thing is, before we even leave for this trip I am looking at plans for a cruise in the Spring. I looooooove my breaks! And I am so thankful that God has blessed me with being able to take them.

But even small breaks and change in the routine can give you these gifts. We all need to be a little selfish now and then and take some time for us. Take some time and get away from the life sucking monotony and breathe a little life back into us. You will be the better for it and all those around you even get to enjoy some of the benefits. It’s a win, win…….so take a break, would ya?!

(I thought I would put some pictures here so you can put a face with all this hub bub)

                     Me (Lisa) with Picture Perfect Photography                                       My Mom

Lisa copy Gail 1 copy

Prom 13 crop copy

My girls


Be ye not ashamed

Well it’s that time again……….bikini season. How does that make you feel? After spending a long, cold winter covered up and warm it’s time to bare all and enjoy your summer in the sun. Unfortunately, for so many women, bikini season strikes fear at our very heart.  But why?

It’s all due to shame. Shame: a condition of humiliating disgrace or disrepute which is the lack of respect from others. In all actuality, do our bodies in a bikini deserve this much power? Why do we allow something so superficial and only skin deep have this much rule over our life?

Why do women have shame for the one body that is theirs and theirs alone? Your body has scars, it has dimples, it has marks, it has blemishes and it has no other copy. No two are alike, just like a snowflake, every body is different and like no other and it helps make you exactly who you are. And that my dears is NOT shameful.

I have come to realize most all women have a bit of cellulite they are not proud of, most all have a stretch mark or blemish that the owner does their best to cover up. And we cover up, why? So no one else can see! So no can look at you, see that horrible mark and look at you with……you know the word………SHAME!

Why as women do we do this? We need to be proud of our bodies and we need to look at other women and build them up. Stop the cycle of shame, be proud of your marks, dimples and lines. They make you the wonderful woman you are. They are a map to the life you have lived. The accomplishments of motherhood or the scar left behind from your body making a miraculous recovery.

Our bodies do not show the beauty that hides beneath the surface. They don’t show the wonderful personality that is what makes you, you. I challenge you… time you see a woman in a bikini and are thinking of why she shouldn’t be wearing it, make a cognitive change. Look at her and think what a beautiful person and be proud for her, be happy for her that she is not ashamed of the person she is and the marks that make her body hers.