5 Reasons We Say “No”

🛑******5 reasons you THINK are good ones for NOT being in photographs……..but you’d be wrong!******🛑
1. I need to lose weight – guess what with posing and lighting I am good for 20 pounds in camera!
2. I’m not photogenic – there’ no such thing, it’s not your job to be photogenic, it’s my job to coach you through the entire session into the right poses and facial expressions for you.
3. I don’t have the right wardrobe – we can make anything work AND we have options for you in the studio.
4. I don’t like pictures of myself – that may be true until now, but we can give you the best images you have ever seen of yourself or you don’t have to buy a thing (actually we never pressure to buy anything, what images you buy is completely up to you👌)
5. I don’t need images of just me – ummm why? We all want to see a beautiful picture of ourselves (don’t try to deny it, yes you! you know you want one too!). We offer legacy products that will last a lifetime. What images do you have of you right now? Phone selfies? I mean that’s better than nothing but a beautiful wall portrait of you will be priceless to your family some day. Anyone that has lost a loved one can attest to that.
Ladies we need to exist in photographs. We need to come back to the place where we are in love with who we are again. We need to take a moment, a day and put ourselves first. A day to give our self esteem a kick in the pants. You are so worth that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!
Chat soon xoxox,

We made her smile inside and out.

We recently had a portrait client that came to us with a sad and heavy heart. Circumstances in her life had left her with a lot to bear all at once, the worst of which being the loss of her mom.

Now I haven’t lost my mom, but I have lost my dad and I know the pain that brings you. It is one like no other and time never really gets rid of it. But for her, this was fresh, she was still in a state of mourning.

During her makeover, she seemed to have a little fun, she had a small smile for us here and there. But for me that wasn’t enough, I wanted to see that smile I knew she was hiding.  I wanted to see that beautiful woman we knew was in there.

The moment she left our makeup chair I was determined I would get that smile, I would get an image of that connection she had inside her.

We went through several outfits, backgrounds and poses and you know what? I got that smile, I got that connection I was looking for and once she saw her images you could see she was in love!

That, my friends, is why I love doing this work. We love showing women their beauty again. Giving them that pep in their step as they walk out our door. It’s a transformation we see happen over and over again and it’s what we live for. The service we give our clients to push them to loving themselves again, is second to none and I am so proud of that!

Same day Before and After

Women’s contemporary and Boudoir portraiture