5 Reasons We Say “No”

🛑******5 reasons you THINK are good ones for NOT being in photographs……..but you’d be wrong!******🛑
1. I need to lose weight – guess what with posing and lighting I am good for 20 pounds in camera!
2. I’m not photogenic – there’ no such thing, it’s not your job to be photogenic, it’s my job to coach you through the entire session into the right poses and facial expressions for you.
3. I don’t have the right wardrobe – we can make anything work AND we have options for you in the studio.
4. I don’t like pictures of myself – that may be true until now, but we can give you the best images you have ever seen of yourself or you don’t have to buy a thing (actually we never pressure to buy anything, what images you buy is completely up to you👌)
5. I don’t need images of just me – ummm why? We all want to see a beautiful picture of ourselves (don’t try to deny it, yes you! you know you want one too!). We offer legacy products that will last a lifetime. What images do you have of you right now? Phone selfies? I mean that’s better than nothing but a beautiful wall portrait of you will be priceless to your family some day. Anyone that has lost a loved one can attest to that.
Ladies we need to exist in photographs. We need to come back to the place where we are in love with who we are again. We need to take a moment, a day and put ourselves first. A day to give our self esteem a kick in the pants. You are so worth that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!
Chat soon xoxox,


“Oh I would love to have a session with you but……….. I need to lose 20 pounds, I need to gather up the courage, I need to get more money together, I hate the way I look in photographs, I don’t need any images of myself.”

Lacie 5 web saying

We have heard excuse after excuse that people offer up to keep from scheduling a shoot with us. And I am certain there are many others to come, but I want to say that none of them are excuse enough.

I say we as women need to EXIST IN PHOTOS!  We take pictures of our kids, of our parents, of our spouses and pets, yet we miss out on the idea that we need to be in the images too.

Have you ever thought of what you are leaving behind? Have you ever thought of how it will feel when you are 10 years older, 20 years older or even 50 years older and you look back to find so very few images of the younger versions of you?

Have you thought about what it will be like when you are older and have so little to show your kids and grand kids about how you used to be? So little to show your progression in age, of how you became the you that you will be.

It is time for us to EXIST IN PHOTOS! Your family, your kids, your grand kids and even you deserve to have images with you in them. You all deserve to have absolutely beautiful and gorgeous images of YOU!

There is no need to loose that weight you THINK that you need to loose. You are a thing of beauty as you are. You don’t need to gather courage, you are strong and confident and we will help you. You don’t need more money, we offer payment plans for that. You may hate the way you look, but I promise we can make you love the way you look in your images. You may not thing you need images of yourself, but you do and so does your family.

Your family and you deserve to have images of you that you love. And later when you are older you will have that priceless portrait of YOU in all your beauty. You can have it to show kids and grand kids and even more importantly than that, your family will have those images to cherish for a lifetime once you are gone. This is the most priceless aspect of beautiful images.

It is the emotion behind them. The love that can be shown and held there for many lifetimes to come. Images of those we love are priceless, why else would you take all the phone images you do? Why else would it be so traumatic to lose those pictures when a computer or phone fails? These reasons are also why it is so important to have an actual physical portrait. Something that can’t be lost to a virus infected computer. A beautiful portrait on the wall to show off for a lifetime.

There are so many reasons to get beautiful images of you and to #EXISTINPHOTOGRAPHS, so what exactly are you waiting for? What is your excuse?

Well, that is not a good enough reason. Just do it and EXIST IN PHOTOS!







The Perry Family

We are glamour and boudoir portrait photographers BUT sometimes…..yes…..we do families. And this is a family that is dear to my heart, she’s my sister! Yes we don’t always do family sessions, but when we do they are gorgeous!

I have grown to love capturing images in the evening sun. Whether it be the sun beams, a backdrop of the sun in the image or back lit  I think they all make beautiful images. I absolutely love the warmth this kind of ‘golden hour’ sun gives. And for this family to be able to have these images  forever will be absolutely awesome. This was a fun session and it makes me more open to doing more 🙂


The Beauty of Images That are Tangible


    When I was a little girl I loved being with my friends. We laughed, played, and just enjoyed the company of those we were with. Time spent with my friends and family holds a big place in my heart and memory. I’m sure that is the case with most adults. Nostalgia……looking back on times when we were younger and excited for life to start.

   At Picture Perfect Photography our goal is to capture images of women and girls of all ages. Capturing fun and memorable moments in their lives and giving them that piece of nostalgia to hold on to for a lifetime is the ultimate in gratification for us…..we LOVE it!


   In today’s society the younger generation is all about getting and keeping these types of images. And many are completely happy with only digital images to share around to friends and on social media. But the digital world is so…….well, digital. You can look and look but never touch and really feel the image. There is nothing there that is tangible. If that were the only way we had to look at images of ourselves, friends and family it seems very distant and almost imaginary.

Double the beauty

   But beautiful images that you can hold on to, see everyday on your wall as you pass them, that is so much more real! Having your images in a book that you can keep and go back to over and over to see and touch means so much more than scrolling through those digital images on your computer. And so many times digital images remain locked away in a drawer or on a hard drive and are all but forgotten.

   And that’s not to even mention the value and awesome quality of a product your photographer can get you versus the ones from local commercial print labs. I have seen those print lab photos with body parts cut off that shouldn’t be and atrocious color that would rival that of an old 1970’s snapshot. As Forest Gump would say, it’s like a box of chocolates……you never know what your gonna get!

   I remember as a girl looking at old photos that my mom used to keep in old cookie tins. I could spend hours just sitting there, flipping through each picture and thinking about what was happening at that time. As I got older and even now, I still absolutely love going through those old photos, they touch my heart in their permanent memories.

   In my and my mom’s hallway and living room there are family photos that hang. They range from, over 100 years old of her mom and dad as children, to brand new images of a newborn grandson and nephew. It’s awesome to see those anytime we pass. Instantly, I begin to think of the family in those images, of the time frame that they were taken in and of the place in in my heart that is a permanent residency of the subject in those images. If I sit and look and think on them too long it can make me teary with the memories of them.

Hayli 2 copy                               Senior photo

   Actual photos you can hold and see daily mean so much more than a picture on my phone. I’m not sure why that is, other than it makes the person in them more ‘real’. Not just a digitally made group of pixels.  Wall art is tangible, real and beautiful. And even better yet when it is wall art of loved ones there is beauty there that can never be measured. We love selling wall art and photo albums or books. We love seeing the faces of our clients when they receive their products and look at them for the first time and to know it is only the first of many times that those moments will be remembered.

   These are the reasons we offer the products we do and do in person sales and product delivery, it gives us as much satisfaction as it does our clients. It makes us appreciate and enjoy our work all that much more and who doesn’t want to get as much appreciation as they can out of what they do, am I right?!