Boudoir……’s not about sex!

Let me just speak my mind a little bit here…..

Yes, we do boudoir photo shoots. Yes, women are in gorgeous underwear. And yes, the photos are taken in a bedroom BUT it is not about sex.

Okay, the images do turn out beautiful and sexy but that is just an added bonus. The boudoir session is about each and every lovely lady that chooses to do one, individually. The images we take are classy, tasteful and all about empowering our client. They are not porn or dirty in any way or form. They are uplifting, confidence building and totally fun.

I am very discouraged by the bias many people have that these sessions are in someway “dirty”. I don’t want to have anything to do with “dirty”. I’m a wife and mom of 2 teenage daughters, there is no way I want to be a part of something that exploits anyone. Each woman we photograph leaves us completely happy with her choice. We don’t share photos unless the client signs a waiver saying they are okay with it. Even then we will only share ones that I wouldn’t mind my teens seeing and only for the purpose of showing our portfolio to potential clients.

It’s all about the beautiful women in the images. It’s all about seeing their gorgeous faces in astonishment and joy of the beauty they see in the image. Their, “is that me??”, reaction is priceless and is the reason we absolutely love doing these sessions. I can’t begin to explain the emotion we have for each of our clients. It’s just inspiring and it is a pleasure to be a part of each and every one of the journeys to beauty these women have.

Each session is taylored to the individual needs and expectations of our clients. We begin with the inquiry. Our goal is to meet each client before any money exchanges hands. We like to get to know them, listen to them, suggest to them and get a really good idea of what they want and expect from their session. By the time we are doing makeup and getting ready for the shoot we know them and they know us. We guide them through the entire process. We want each woman as comfortable as possible, giving them an awesome experience and beautiful images. They are able to go through and choose images that they want and nothing they don’t. It’s all about the individual.

Our work is all about the client and making her as happy as we can. It’s not about sex, it’s about each person and their experience of this journey to the confident and empowered woman. From the working mom, to the stay at home mom, to the medical professional, to the lawyer and each and every woman in between that wants this experience, that is who we want to shoot. ANY woman is the perfect woman for a boudoir session. Each and every woman IS beautiful.

Mollie 39 copy


Just a little glimpse

Sarah 28

This is just a little glimpse at our recent session with Sarah. She came in like so many others. She was nervous, of course but excited and anxious at the same time. It was something she had wanted to do to embrace her fear and beauty. It didn’t take long. She was a bit shaky at first but with a little coaching and fun she relaxed pretty quickly and it was apparent in her images.

Many women would love to have images like this taken but shy away due to fear. That fear comes from so many things. The fear of baring oneself physically and emotionally. The fear of what her images will look like. Fear of being stereotyped in a certain way. These fears can be deep rooted and hard to overcome. But once all these fears are conquered… is very empowering.

             Sarah 11                                                   Sarah 12

We strive to rid each women we shoot of all the fears. We enjoy the moment and the subject in front of us. We do our very best to help them relax and get the images they will be proud of. It’s a little journey we take with each woman and it is very inspiring.

We love the end of the session, once we are showing our clients all their images, the smiles! That is the moment that each woman is the most beautiful. They see themselves (maybe for the first time) as beautiful! Their confidence grows in that moment and it is obvious and the look of confidence is simply…….gorgeous! If only we could take that moment and bottle it then sell it to others.

In a way, we can. We can give each woman that comes to us this opportunity. We can give them the chance to see themselves in this light, to see how totally awesome and beautiful they are. It is a great feeling we get from each of our clients AND is the reason we love doing this so much.

Sarah 22

So, here is the little glimpse we wanted to share of the beautiful images we got from this session. It started out with nervous energy but ended with a happy and confident client.

No ‘body’ is perfect

Picture Perfect Photography

If there is one resounding note that I have discovered in the world of portrait photography and especially boudoir photography is that every woman we meet has something about their face or body they don’t like. Even the woman in the image shown here had them. I see beauty and they see imperfection.

I recall when I was a young girl I was very shy and self conscious. I was a little round and somewhat plain in my eyes. Every woman and young girl around me has faced these issues. I, to this day, still have many of those thoughts. I am the oldest of 3 sisters and the mother of 2 teenage daughters and I photograph women of all ages. I have seen and heard about this too many times to count. When my eyes see a beautiful girl and all I hear from her mouth is a stream of things she sees as wrong or ugly when she looks in the mirror, it’s just sad. I guess beauty being in the eye of the beholder couldn’t ring more true.

The key is to change the eye of the beholder. I wonder if there will ever come a time in the future when women are able to make this change and look at their reflections in the mirror and say ‘that is me and I am BEAUTIFUL’? I feel that this is a far reaching goal or possibly even a dream. I am not sure at what point along the way that this has become the mindset of women but it definitely happened.

We have been exposed to so much judgement about looks and body image. The ‘perfect’ body, as portrayed in society, is unattainable. I would go as far as to say that, even if a woman had that ‘perfect’ body she would still find something in the mirror to pick at. When will this be a thing of the past?

Raising 2 teenage girls in this society is quite the challenge. It is almost totally up to parents and family to fill their children with self confidence, raise them to see the beauty they have inside and out. It is NOT an easy task. They are exposed on every other side with the world’s ideas and that is hard to overcome. But repetition can work wonders. The more it’s said the more it’s heard and even believed.

To change these ideas we each have to do our part. We must build people up, don’t tear them down. It’s like that with any change that needs to be made. One little step at a time, one individual at a time. We need to switch focus from looks to health and well being. I certainly don’t have the answers on how to make this happen. But I can make the change within myself.

I can make sure my kids know how beautiful I think they are. And I can do that with every other person I come in contact with. A change of this nature in society CAN happen the question is WILL it happen?

I know I will do my part and WE will do our part! We work to make every woman that comes to us feel beautiful. Be it in a Boudoir session, Portrait session or a High School Senior session our focus is on our client. We make each of them FEEL beautiful and do our best to empower them with that. That’s our mission and it’s one I am proud of.

Every woman is amazing and they don’t even realize it!

We recently had an awesome session with a lovely bride. She was beautiful, sweet, happy and simply gorgeous inside and out. It was a pleasure working with her. She was almost a natural at being in front of a camera, yet she still had so many things she didn’t like about herself.

I have yet to understand why we as women have found ourselves in the constant state of lack of self confidence. Our wish is to change this…..even if it’s one woman at a time.

Bri 11 web copy

This is an image of this beautiful bride. She wanted to give a special gift to her groom. We absolutely loved every image we got of her, but she still had issues with them. It amazed me. Each time this happens I want and try so badly to show them, tell them and make them believe all the beauty they possess. It is and remains a work in progress with every client we have.

Bri 28 web copy

I love this job and the images we capture at Picture Perfect. We love working with each and every woman that contacts us. I feel it is a blessing to be able to use what we do to build up the self confidence that so many women seem to lack.

Expo sample 1 web copy

Every woman is amazing and beautiful. Now all we have to do is figure out a way for EVERY woman of EVERY shape, size and age to believe that. Belief is the biggest asset anyone can have. If you believe it of yourself you will exude that. People will see it and know the confidence you have in yourself and that is beautiful.

This is our goal and what we strive for each time we do a glamour/portrait or boudoir session. Each session of this nature is a huge step in the direction of self confidence for every woman we shoot and we are thrilled to be able to share in their journey.