Just a little glimpse

Sarah 28

This is just a little glimpse at our recent session with Sarah. She came in like so many others. She was nervous, of course but excited and anxious at the same time. It was something she had wanted to do to embrace her fear and beauty. It didn’t take long. She was a bit shaky at first but with a little coaching and fun she relaxed pretty quickly and it was apparent in her images.

Many women would love to have images like this taken but shy away due to fear. That fear comes from so many things. The fear of baring oneself physically and emotionally. The fear of what her images will look like. Fear of being stereotyped in a certain way. These fears can be deep rooted and hard to overcome. But once all these fears are conquered…..it is very empowering.

             Sarah 11                                                   Sarah 12

We strive to rid each women we shoot of all the fears. We enjoy the moment and the subject in front of us. We do our very best to help them relax and get the images they will be proud of. It’s a little journey we take with each woman and it is very inspiring.

We love the end of the session, once we are showing our clients all their images, the smiles! That is the moment that each woman is the most beautiful. They see themselves (maybe for the first time) as beautiful! Their confidence grows in that moment and it is obvious and the look of confidence is simply…….gorgeous! If only we could take that moment and bottle it then sell it to others.

In a way, we can. We can give each woman that comes to us this opportunity. We can give them the chance to see themselves in this light, to see how totally awesome and beautiful they are. It is a great feeling we get from each of our clients AND is the reason we love doing this so much.

Sarah 22

So, here is the little glimpse we wanted to share of the beautiful images we got from this session. It started out with nervous energy but ended with a happy and confident client.


No ‘body’ is perfect

Picture Perfect Photography

If there is one resounding note that I have discovered in the world of portrait photography and especially boudoir photography is that every woman we meet has something about their face or body they don’t like. Even the woman in the image shown here had them. I see beauty and they see imperfection.

I recall when I was a young girl I was very shy and self conscious. I was a little round and somewhat plain in my eyes. Every woman and young girl around me has faced these issues. I, to this day, still have many of those thoughts. I am the oldest of 3 sisters and the mother of 2 teenage daughters and I photograph women of all ages. I have seen and heard about this too many times to count. When my eyes see a beautiful girl and all I hear from her mouth is a stream of things she sees as wrong or ugly when she looks in the mirror, it’s just sad. I guess beauty being in the eye of the beholder couldn’t ring more true.

The key is to change the eye of the beholder. I wonder if there will ever come a time in the future when women are able to make this change and look at their reflections in the mirror and say ‘that is me and I am BEAUTIFUL’? I feel that this is a far reaching goal or possibly even a dream. I am not sure at what point along the way that this has become the mindset of women but it definitely happened.

We have been exposed to so much judgement about looks and body image. The ‘perfect’ body, as portrayed in society, is unattainable. I would go as far as to say that, even if a woman had that ‘perfect’ body she would still find something in the mirror to pick at. When will this be a thing of the past?

Raising 2 teenage girls in this society is quite the challenge. It is almost totally up to parents and family to fill their children with self confidence, raise them to see the beauty they have inside and out. It is NOT an easy task. They are exposed on every other side with the world’s ideas and that is hard to overcome. But repetition can work wonders. The more it’s said the more it’s heard and even believed.

To change these ideas we each have to do our part. We must build people up, don’t tear them down. It’s like that with any change that needs to be made. One little step at a time, one individual at a time. We need to switch focus from looks to health and well being. I certainly don’t have the answers on how to make this happen. But I can make the change within myself.

I can make sure my kids know how beautiful I think they are. And I can do that with every other person I come in contact with. A change of this nature in society CAN happen the question is WILL it happen?

I know I will do my part and WE will do our part! We work to make every woman that comes to us feel beautiful. Be it in a Boudoir session, Portrait session or a High School Senior session our focus is on our client. We make each of them FEEL beautiful and do our best to empower them with that. That’s our mission and it’s one I am proud of.

It’s YOUR boudoir session! What do you need to know?


Tasteful, personal, classy and fun glamour and boudoir  photography in Fort Smith, AR

Tasteful, personal, classy and fun glamour and boudoir photography in Fort Smith, AR


So, you want to have a boudoir session? I say, THAT is an excellent idea!! (And by all means come see us here at Picture Perfect Photography, wink, wink). There is no other day you can take for you, that can do more to boost your self esteem, give you a happy feeling and allow that to spill over into all other aspects of your life. But there are so many questions and wonderings!

If you are like me, you like to have a plan. You like going into something with an idea of what to expect. You want to know you have done what is necessary and beneficial ahead of time to get the biggest bang for your buck. You want to know you did what you could to help make your experience that WOW experience you are after. There can be great fear in the unknown. 

Well, I am going to help with some of those wants and wonderings. First of all, you need to book your session at least 3-4 weeks before you need your finished products. You have to give the photographer time to go through your session photos and to pick, edit, show you and order the products you want.  You don’t want to be stressing over cutting time short and not getting your products when you need them.

You also need to go get that mani and pedi done. For Pete’s sake, go all out and treat yourself! Get this done a day or 2 before your session. The polish you use can make an impact as well. It is best to go with neutral and calm tones. Bright polish can put the focus of a photo on your hands and feet. More than likely, those are not the parts you want to be accentuated.

Be sure to drink plenty of water so that you are good and hydrated the day of your session. This can do absolute wonders for the look of your skin in your photographs. Hydrated skin is beautiful and healthy skin and it can even help with any bags under your eyes. And please, NO SPRAY TANS, unless you really like looking orange. This can be a real problem in pictures, and look very, well…….yucky.

I highly suggest having your makeup and hair done professionally. Besides being an awesome experience for yourself (who doesn’t want that) it can make your photographers job a bit easier AND help make your photos even that much more awesome! Decide if you want a sensual, glamorous or natural look in your photos and let the makeup artist and hair designer know what you are after, so they can make you up accordingly.

Okay, it’s time to get ready to go get it done! But you think, WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR?! Well hopefully, you have talked with your photographer and done your homework to pick outfits that fit the look you want. When you make your decision, make sure they fit your body but not too tightly. Tight clothes leave way too many creases in your skin and look a little awkward on camera. Also, if you have any sheer, see through items, make sure to remove any and all tags, no one wants to see silly tags peeking through in a photo.

If your photographer or you have any close up shots you want to get done it’s best to arrive at your session in loose fitting clothing and possibly a strapless bra. The less lines or marks on the skin the better the picture will be. And your photographer will love you even more! A button down shirt is a must as well, you don’t want to have to drag a shirt up and over your beautiful makeup and hair to get changed. Discuss your favorite features with your photographer to make sure those areas get preferential treatment, because making you happy is what we are after here.

And now my biggest, most hugest tip……..are you ready???

RELAX, RELAX, RELAX! The more tension and stress you have the more rigid your body is and you can see that tension all over you in your photographs. Just enjoy yourself, breathe, laugh and have fun! All of that will show up on camera and you will have that WOW factor you are hoping for.



Who chooses to do a boudoir session??



(The woman pictured here is a working, married mom of 4 kids. All are busy with various activities making her a very busy person. She absolutely loved the time she had with us and how she felt after. She came with a friend and the 2 made a day of it and each got an awesome album of their images to keep for a lifetime)

ANYONE who needs a little break, time to and for themselves, a kick in the pants of their confidence and or someone who needs and wants their sexy back, THAT is who chooses a boudoir session.

There are so many reasons women choose to treat themselves to a session of this nature. Most often, women say they would like to do it to give their spouse or significant other a gift, something to be cherished for a lifetime, but in reality the reason is a little more personal, than even that. Giving this kind of reason plays in to the unselfish nature that is, MOM. But it IS an awesome perk for their spouse : )

A woman’s life can get so hectic and crazy caring for family, for pets, working, running errands and all the other endless number of things that women and moms do, that they themselves get lost in this shuffle.

They spend days on end neglecting themselves and their own needs. One day, a woman will wake up and think “where did I get lost”. They lose their individuality and sense of beauty, being selfless.

At this point she might think, “I need some time for me”. And what better way to get that time than to be pampered, at the center of attention and gorgeous in an awesome boudoir photography session?

A woman is able to come into the room and have everyone there doing for them. They can sit at peace for a few minutes and have some flawless makeup applied, pick out some stunning lingerie to put on and be the center of attention for a change. No is one there saying “Mom, I can’t find my shoes”, “Honey, when is dinner?”, “Mom, the dog peed in the floor again”, “Sorry mom, I forgot to tell you that our uniform deposit is due tomorrow”, “We need more milk, mom!”.

Instead of all that, there is just calm and quiet, some music being played in the background and 2 women doting on her and preparing her to have an unforgettable time.

Boudoir photography at Picture Perfect Photography is classy, tasteful, unique and fun! It’s not about getting naked and getting your picture taken, on the contrary we don’t shoot totally nude photos. It is about feeling confident. It’s about looking and feeling sexy in your own skin and getting a keepsake to remember the exact moment in time that you felt that way.

It is a boost in self esteem like no other! No matter what race, size or age, a woman is, a self esteem boost is needed and usually welcome at any time and often can’t happen quickly enough.

When you get something like that, it can’t help but spill over into all other aspects of your life. It’s a refreshing lift, besides an awesome break from the daily grind.

It can give you extra pep in your step and additional momentum to keep on keeping on for all those around you. We love doing that for women. It is a reward of the photography job! And one I can’t get enough of.

If this is something you have been toying with the idea of doing………JUST DO IT!

(if you are in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area or would visit, please contact us at Picture Perfect Photography to get your session underway as soon as possible, we look forward to serving you and kicking that confidence right in the pants)