The Perry Family

We are glamour and boudoir portrait photographers BUT sometimes…..yes…..we do families. And this is a family that is dear to my heart, she’s my sister! Yes we don’t always do family sessions, but when we do they are gorgeous!

I have grown to love capturing images in the evening sun. Whether it be the sun beams, a backdrop of the sun in the image or back lit  I think they all make beautiful images. I absolutely love the warmth this kind of ‘golden hour’ sun gives. And for this family to be able to have these images  forever will be absolutely awesome. This was a fun session and it makes me more open to doing more 🙂



Lord, please help us……..

I am going to go off my usual topic here. I just want to say how completely upset and concerned I am for this United States of America our once great nation. First though, I must admit I AM A FACEBOOK COMMENT READER!. There I said it and I’m not ashamed. I don’t often participate but I read them and I read a lot of them. Even the replies to the replies of replies, yep, I dig that deep. This is a time passing exercise I have been partaking in for a few years now. It is some of the best cheap entertainment there is! I will read and sit in amazement of people on a daily basis.

Now here is my concern. I used to read these comments along with the back and forth banter and get a laugh out of different, off the wall things people say. Arguments back and forth of folks trying to be heard or backing a particular stance that was made and for the most part I would have to dig pretty deep in a very controversial post to find a truly heated and angry, knife throwing fight. But something has shifted. As I read now, on even the seemingly most innocent of posts all I see is HATE. It’s hate revolving around race, religion, freedoms, financial status, hair color, mental capacities, location and the list goes on and on and on and on and……… get my drift now.

People are hating everyone around them because they are different. What I see are people trying with all their might to make others believe in or think exactly like them. They will use hate filled words, profanity and name calling to get their point across and if they don’t see eye to eye well, there it is, HATE rears it’s ugly head. We disagree; therefore, we must hate one another.

As I read it seems to me that people have become so SELF aware,SELF oriented and SELF involved that they can’t see past the nose on their face in order to feel or even attempt to understand anyone else. It has turned into a forum not for fun or mild disagreement or just to learn about what is out there but for making you believe how I believe. In the back of my mind I’m hoping some of it would never happen in a face to face confrontation. I think the safety of being on a computer in our living room gives us a little more courage to behave so badly. But all the anger I see and read can’t be contained for too long before it explodes out of the computer.

I do not understand why we can’t see each other as different, unique and important. Each an every one of us on this planet is here for a purpose (and it’s not to make us all morph into basically the same person). We have differences, we don’t have the same beliefs, upbringing, religion or even country. But do our differences mean we have to hate? Racial and religious tensions in this country are higher than I have seen in my lifetime (and I’m almost 1/2 a century old!!). It seems like only a matter of time before this country is completely divided once again, history repeating itself just one more time.

We as a human race have got to stop the hate and replace it with LOVE! Political correctness and tolerance seem to have done nothing but make tensions worse. We need to move beyond that and freaking LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR! If we could only figure this out. This is one thing I would like for us all to have in common! Just think if we love one another like we should, we could have that disagreement and it would be okay. What’s more, if I love you I will do my best NOT to hurt you. I will take your feelings and your needs into consideration. I will think of what my words or action are doing to you. I won’t degrade you, call you names or demand things from you that you aren’t willing to give.

It breaks my heart to see this great country treating each other so horribly after all, this country is just that….a melting pot of differences and part of what make it so amazing. The hate going on is toxic and creating so much separation that I worry it can never be overcome. I have 2 teen daughters and I fear a sad and dismal future for them if we can’t, as a nation, turn off all of this hate. I pray I do my part. I pray for my family, I pray for you my neighbor and my brother. I pray for your well being and safety and as for this wonderful country, I do pray that the Lord help us!!

I know this blog content has nothing to do with portrait photography, but I do hope it gives you some insight into me as the photographer and for what we believe as a business. If you like it, let us know. Comment below and give me your thoughts. I really wonder if I’m alone in my thinking (if I am it’s okay, I still love you!). Visit our website and check out our business, you’ll love it! Thanks for reading 🙂

Head shot, smed shot

Kristi 1 copy Kristi 2 copy

Head shots don’t have to boring do they?? And does it have to be just your head representing who you are?? This is something I have been wondering. Most often I see a head shot on a business card and they look like they are in an adult version of the old high school yearbook. They are so simple, plain, boring and it seems the business person in the image would rather be ANYWHERE than taking that photo, and from the looks of it I don’t blame them! What’s wrong with a photograph of a professional looking fun and actually being fun in the process? This is Kristi. She is an area Realtor. She came to us needing new images to update her business cards. We gave her a makeover and shot away and she looks absolutely gorgeous and she is! We gave her these as a couple of choices for her new card. I think they represent exactly who she is. She is a confident, strong and beautiful woman and these photos show anyone who looks at them exactly that. I love shooting images like this and it gives me the warm fuzzies (okay I have been known to tear up) when when women the images we create. They love them! And we love them too. When I need a new photo for a business card THIS is the kind of image I want. I don’t want to look stuffy and bored. Give me fun and bubbly, let the beauty shine through.

Be ye not ashamed

Well it’s that time again……….bikini season. How does that make you feel? After spending a long, cold winter covered up and warm it’s time to bare all and enjoy your summer in the sun. Unfortunately, for so many women, bikini season strikes fear at our very heart.  But why?

It’s all due to shame. Shame: a condition of humiliating disgrace or disrepute which is the lack of respect from others. In all actuality, do our bodies in a bikini deserve this much power? Why do we allow something so superficial and only skin deep have this much rule over our life?

Why do women have shame for the one body that is theirs and theirs alone? Your body has scars, it has dimples, it has marks, it has blemishes and it has no other copy. No two are alike, just like a snowflake, every body is different and like no other and it helps make you exactly who you are. And that my dears is NOT shameful.

I have come to realize most all women have a bit of cellulite they are not proud of, most all have a stretch mark or blemish that the owner does their best to cover up. And we cover up, why? So no one else can see! So no can look at you, see that horrible mark and look at you with……you know the word………SHAME!

Why as women do we do this? We need to be proud of our bodies and we need to look at other women and build them up. Stop the cycle of shame, be proud of your marks, dimples and lines. They make you the wonderful woman you are. They are a map to the life you have lived. The accomplishments of motherhood or the scar left behind from your body making a miraculous recovery.

Our bodies do not show the beauty that hides beneath the surface. They don’t show the wonderful personality that is what makes you, you. I challenge you… time you see a woman in a bikini and are thinking of why she shouldn’t be wearing it, make a cognitive change. Look at her and think what a beautiful person and be proud for her, be happy for her that she is not ashamed of the person she is and the marks that make her body hers.

Pumpkin Patch Pretty

I absolutely LOVE color! As a child, when asked my favorite color I would say ‘rainbow’. I love them all. I think fall is one of the best times of year to photograph a wide variety of color. And what better to choose as a subject for such a colorful backdrop than a precious little girl?

Baby photography

 A nice colorful outfit and bow really set off what I think is a gorgeous image. Who could resist that precious little face? There is so much personality hidden in those eyes.

Baby photography

 We had a great time taking these pictures. These were taken at Neumier’s Nursery. They are a local nursery located on the North side of Fort Smith, Arkansas. The nursery itself is located in the yard area of the business owners, it is an awesome and quaint home town business.  They have multiple photo opportunities set up on their property, free of charge to anyone wanting a great fall backdrop.

 Here at Picture Perfect Photography our passion is capturing beautiful images of women. No matter the age, shape or color. We love making women look and feel fabulous. This little one may not actually ‘feel’ how she looks but her parents do and she is simply beautiful. And these will be images they treasure forever.

baby photography

Now, it wouldn’t due to have a collection of fall baby images without a little Halloween witch in the mix. This is fall at it’s best……and I love it!!

Who chooses to do a boudoir session??



(The woman pictured here is a working, married mom of 4 kids. All are busy with various activities making her a very busy person. She absolutely loved the time she had with us and how she felt after. She came with a friend and the 2 made a day of it and each got an awesome album of their images to keep for a lifetime)

ANYONE who needs a little break, time to and for themselves, a kick in the pants of their confidence and or someone who needs and wants their sexy back, THAT is who chooses a boudoir session.

There are so many reasons women choose to treat themselves to a session of this nature. Most often, women say they would like to do it to give their spouse or significant other a gift, something to be cherished for a lifetime, but in reality the reason is a little more personal, than even that. Giving this kind of reason plays in to the unselfish nature that is, MOM. But it IS an awesome perk for their spouse : )

A woman’s life can get so hectic and crazy caring for family, for pets, working, running errands and all the other endless number of things that women and moms do, that they themselves get lost in this shuffle.

They spend days on end neglecting themselves and their own needs. One day, a woman will wake up and think “where did I get lost”. They lose their individuality and sense of beauty, being selfless.

At this point she might think, “I need some time for me”. And what better way to get that time than to be pampered, at the center of attention and gorgeous in an awesome boudoir photography session?

A woman is able to come into the room and have everyone there doing for them. They can sit at peace for a few minutes and have some flawless makeup applied, pick out some stunning lingerie to put on and be the center of attention for a change. No is one there saying “Mom, I can’t find my shoes”, “Honey, when is dinner?”, “Mom, the dog peed in the floor again”, “Sorry mom, I forgot to tell you that our uniform deposit is due tomorrow”, “We need more milk, mom!”.

Instead of all that, there is just calm and quiet, some music being played in the background and 2 women doting on her and preparing her to have an unforgettable time.

Boudoir photography at Picture Perfect Photography is classy, tasteful, unique and fun! It’s not about getting naked and getting your picture taken, on the contrary we don’t shoot totally nude photos. It is about feeling confident. It’s about looking and feeling sexy in your own skin and getting a keepsake to remember the exact moment in time that you felt that way.

It is a boost in self esteem like no other! No matter what race, size or age, a woman is, a self esteem boost is needed and usually welcome at any time and often can’t happen quickly enough.

When you get something like that, it can’t help but spill over into all other aspects of your life. It’s a refreshing lift, besides an awesome break from the daily grind.

It can give you extra pep in your step and additional momentum to keep on keeping on for all those around you. We love doing that for women. It is a reward of the photography job! And one I can’t get enough of.

If this is something you have been toying with the idea of doing………JUST DO IT!

(if you are in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area or would visit, please contact us at Picture Perfect Photography to get your session underway as soon as possible, we look forward to serving you and kicking that confidence right in the pants)